ABS computer laptop trolley bag case luggage

ABS Computer Laptop Trolley Bag Case
  • Seller Wenzhou Love Follow Luggage Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1000 Piece/Pieces
  • FOB Price US $25.2-27 /Piece

Product Description

ABS computer laptop trolley bag case luggage

Product Description

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1.Customized color, size, and design are welcome.

For more color, pls visit our web: http://axsxb.en.alibaba.com.

Color: black, silver, pink, rosa, gray, red, blue, purple, lilac, yellow, leopard, rose red, dark gray

Size: 16'-- 22×32×46cm

20'-- 23×38×58cm

24' -- 26×45×67cm

28' -- 35×52×67cm

Package:2pcs/set 3pcs/set 6pcs/set customized pacakage is acceptable.

2.Shinning surface. Very easy to clean with a piece of wet cloth.

3.Top and side handle with telescopic aluminum trolley system.

4.The good performance of heat and cold ensure temperature -40°C to 100°C no problem.

5.Travel encountered rain, there is no problem. Waterproof is the feature.

6.This is the best gift for yourself and your friends.

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