Food grade steam heating 10HL brewery equipment on Alibaba for sale

Food Grade Steam Heating 10HL Brewery
  • Seller Jinan Haolu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Set/Sets
  • FOB Price US $1000-200000 /Set

Product Description


food grade steam heating 10HL brewery equipment on Alibaba for sale

Product Description

Details of Beer Brewery Equipment

Brew process:
1). Malt Mill
The two roller mill crushes the malted barley to the desired coarseness.
2). Hopper(optional)
The hopper is used to hold the entire brew strength of grist (malt after milling)
3). Hot Liquor Tank
Used to recover energy and heat the water (liquor) needed for recirculation and sparging water onto the grain bed to convert starches to sugar.
4). Mash / Lauter Tun
Used to combine the grist and hot water. A false bottom is then used to extract the clear wort from the malted barley. The spent grains left over can be used for animal feed.
5). Diverter Panel and Transfer Pumps
Is used to transfer liquid flow from the mash / lauter tun to the kettle and then onto the fermenters. Designed with one person ease of use and cleaning in mind.
6). Brew kettle / Whirlpool
The wort is boiled to a desired specific gravity and hops are added for flavor and bitterness. After boiling the wort is whirlpooled to collect soluble proteins (trub) in the center of the kettle. The clear wort is then pumped through the heat exchanger and into the fermenter.
7). Heat Exchanger
using city water and/or cold propylene glycol as cooling mediums the wort is cooled to an acceptable fermentation temperature, from 10 deg C(50 deg F) to 17 deg C(62.5 deg F), before it goes to the fermenter.

Fermentation system

8). Fermentation / Aging Vessel (open, closed or Unitank style)
The wort is pumped into this vessel and added to the previously pitched yeast and allowed to ferment (typically 3 to 7 days). The fermentation tank can be used as an aging tank or the beer can be transfered to a separate vessel for the aging period (typically 10 to 20 days).
9). Filter (DE or Plate & Frame)
Used to filter all of the left over yeast and sediment from the beer on its way to the serving / bright beer vessel. This extends shelf life and provides a clearer product. Beer does not always have to be filtered.
10). Glycol Reservoir / Cooler
Cold glycol is pumped from here to each cooled vessel to maintain and control beer temperatures. The glycol can also be used to cool the wort in the heat exchanger.
11). Transfer Pump
Is used to pump the beer from the fermenter to the serving / bright beer vessels. And also for pumping of cleaning solution (caustic soda).
12). Bright Beer Vessel
CO2 is added to the beer through a carbonating stone to adjust the CO2 levels to the style of beer in the vessel. From this vessel the beer can be kegged, bottled or served via draft lines.
13). CO2 Tank
This adds head to the beer and also maintains head pressure on the tank while kegging, bottling or serving to a draft line.

Production Process
Detailed Images
Packing & Delivery

♦Wooden/Veneer case for LCL or as your require
♦Plastic film wrapped and iron frame fixing for FCL or as your require


1.About the production capacity:
The capacity is for per day prodcution,we can give you suggestions according to your daily production to equipped the fermentation tanks quantities and capacity.

2.Can your brewery system make both lager and ale?
Yes. Our brewery system can do this.
3.About the packaging and shipping:
The beer equipment we use the bubble wrap,and wooden case,before shipping the equipment,we all take the packaging pictures,and the equipment load on the container pictures to customers.
4.About the brewing technology:
Our engineer will supply the installation and training service to your local country.
Also can send you drawings to show you how to installation and how to use the equipment, then you can save the installation money.
Also welcome you to our factory to see the equipment any time.

Our Company

Our Team

Our Service

We have a high efficiency after-sales service team. As a professional beer equipment supplier, we regard after-sale service as important as equipment quality, especially for international customers.

1).We dispatch our engineer to all the customers who need.
2).. Customer can ask for engineer dispatching service not only at installing,training and debugging, also at the whole working life of the machine we delivery.
3).The engineer will come to the agreed place at the confirmation of after-sale Department, and no longer than 10days after all the documents include Visa and airticket finished.
4). Customer will bear the cost of above document and daily life of engineer in oversea.
5). All the spare parts will be offered at the price confirmed by After-sale Department.
6). Spare parts will be sent out in 24hours after payment finished.
7). The spare parts are free offered in the warranty period of machine.

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