Good Quality Sell Well Food And Beverages Liquid Filling Machine

Good Quality Sell Well Food And
  • Seller Wenzhou Zhonghuan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Product Description

Product Description

This sprayer pump, glass dropper bottle filling and capping machine includes the turn table feeding bottle, automatic filling, automatic feeding sprayer pumps(glass dropper), capping, labelling and bottle collection table.


Filling volume: 5-100ml

Speed: 30-40BPM

Filling accuracy: ≥99%

Cap feeding rate: ≥99%

Capping rate: ≥99%

Power: 2KW 220V

Labelling accuracy: ±1MM

Woking principle:

This production consists of bottle feeding table, peristaltic pump filling, feeding sprayer pump(glass dropper),pre-capping,servo capping, labelling and bottle collection table.

Bottle inlet: Operator place the empty bottles on the feeding table, conveyor will bring bottle into main machine.

Detection: The photoelectric sensor detect if there is empty bottle in star wheel and give the signal to the PCL in order to control the no bottle no filling function.

Filling: If the sensor detect the empty bottles, the PLC will control the pump and fill material into the bottles.

Feeding caps:Using the specific device to place the sprayer pumps(glass droppers) to the bottle mouth.

Detect cap: Sensor detects if caps is on the bottle or not

Pre-capping:Pre-capping the bottles with caps to prepare for the servo capping station

Capping: Final capping by servo motor which can control the capping speed and capping torsion to ensure high capping quality and no harm to the caps.

Bottle outlet: Finished production walk out of the star wheel.

Labeling:Bottles walk into labelling station and finish the labelling progress

Bottle collection: Finished bottles finally stay on the bottle collection table.

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